The Company. Our Mission. Our Vision.


MID CORPORATION SA was created by the entrepreneurs of three accredited companies in the Greek market, operating in different business sectors in order to offer its customers a comprehensive, multifaceted and complex service package.

MID CORPORATION’s main activity is the development, management and implementation of new projects in the market of tourism. MID CORPORATION’s works stand out since they combine high quality and aesthetic standards, incorporating new construction techniques and modern trends of architecture.

The main axis for the development of new projects is the best possible return on invested capital, offering investors a business viable and profitable investment proposal, based on conditions, trends and investment market risks.


Being a model company with fully satisfied customers, staff and executives.


  • To meet fully with to the expectations of those who trust us.
  • To fully understand the conditions and needs of the market and to offer high-quality products and services.
  • To improve the quality of our products and services on a daily basis, contributing to the healthy, qualitative and sustainable development of our region.
  • To grow infinitely and multilaterally, respecting the limitations of healthy competition.
  • To understand the social dimension of our projects and their impact on society.
  • To create a model and pleasant work environment.

Christos Karavarakis
Managing Director


Our company, oriented to high quality standards, has developed an independent quality control department for the products and services provided.

The quality assurance staff, having specialized knowledge, years of experience and using the appropriate software, can decide on all the departments and areas of our company’s activity.

It is responsible for the continuous improvement and upgrading of its activities, taking advantage of the new technology and all the scientific developments in all its fields of activity.

Finally, it contributes to the development of the company, fostering an environment of innovation promotion and ensuring the conditions for developing a model for the design, implementation and management of projects.


The pleasant working environment we have created is an example to be imitated by many companies. We take care of our staff by providing them with a fair, safe and dynamic environment with development potentials for everyone. We maintain a highly merit-based evaluation and payback system, and we strive systematically to keep a balance between private and professional life.

Applying a decentralized yet fully participative management system, all our employees are involved in the decision-making process, the choice of the appropriate strategy to achieve the objectives and,  finally, the audit process. We motivate our employees by providing with a wide range of benefits such as development opportunities, leisure trips, business trips and, in general, we continually seek new incentives to motivate our employees.

Thanks to each one and all, we every day surpass ourselves, giving smiles of pleasure to our customers.

Our employees, our strength.

We Thank them!